Dishes from the old mill
Served between 5 pm and 8 pm
(or at lunch time when pre-ordered)​


Creamy potato-leek soup with crisp bacon

Kr. 78,-

Patty Shell with chicken and asparagus

Kr. 78,-

Prawn cocktail served in a filo hamper with lemon, caviar and fresh herbs

Kr. 88,-

Hot smoked salmon. Made in our own smoke oven –

served with salad and homemade dressing

Kr. 88,-

Main course

Mill Casserole

with tenderloin of pork and chicken in curry/ paprika sauce

with sauté of vegetables. Served with pommes rissoles

Kr. 168,-

Mill Beef

Thinly sliced fried beef served in garlic-oyster sauce. Served with pommes rissoles and green salad​

Kr. 178,-

Mill schnitzel “As in Vienna”

Served with pommes sautés, peas franchise, lemon with herring, capers, horseradish and butter sauce

Kr. 198,-

3 pieces of plaice fillet 

Served with lemon, white potatoes, vegetable sauté, and parsley sauce with 

Kr. 218,-

Garlic steak of filet
served with grilled peppers, pommes rösti and pepper sauce​

Kr. 228,-

Tournedos (beef tenderloin) served with bernaise, vegetables of the season and french fries

Kr. 248,-

Mill eel
​dipped in rye flour and fried in butter. Served with applesauce and horseradish, lemon and parsley sauce

0,250 g approx. 8 pieces​

Kr. 218,-

0,375 g approx. 12 pieces


0,500 g approx. 16 pieces Kr.


All main dishes can be ordered with a choice of :

rice, French fries, boiled potatoes, roasted potatoes,

pommes sauté or pommes rösti.


Homemade sauce béarnaise 

Kr. 35,-

Mixed salad with homemade dressing 

Kr. 35,-


Homemade daim icecream  or ice cream gateau 

Kr. 78,-

Homemade crispy pancake served with vanilla ice cream, jam, fresh fruit and whipped cream

Kr. 78,-

Hot chocolate fondant served with vanilla ice cream and fresh fruit

Kr. 88,-

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