Season menu

Menu of the season for Marts and April

Marts served between 5 pm and 8 pm

April served between 5 pm and 9 pm

(or at lunch time if pre-ordered)


Smoked salmon

in pickled cucumber with pickled salad and piment

Veal carpaccio

with pickled salad and a tuna/capers mousse

Delmonico steak

with a allumette of carrot and celery, potatosoufflé with cheesecrumble

and cocnac gravy

Menieeure fried catfish

with baked cabbage-carrot pure, pommes rissoleé

and a ramsons/whitewine sauce

Baileys parfait

with limefromage, coulis and fresh fruit

Chili chocolatcake

with citrus honey sour cream and seasonal fruit

Main dish

Dkk. 238,00

2 dishes

Dkk. 278,00

3 dishes

Dkk. 318,00

4 dishes

Dkk. 358,00

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