Endurance walk

The Endurance Walk is a small competition for friends, companies and families wanting to get to know each other better, challenge each other or just spending time together in a fun and activ way. It is a unique opportunity to take a trip into the natural beauty surrounding the inn, while at the same time getting some fresh air for your mind.

This acticity is free of charge and is offered to all visitors of the inn by reservation.
The walk takes app, 1½ hrs and includes land, air and water in a way everyone can take part in and enjoy regardless of age. The walk can be lengthened or shortened after need or desire. Teams can be arranged by themselves or us.

Participants will experience diciplines around the inn such as nature fitness, the pull-ferry to the island on the lake, the suspension bridge, the ”the floor is made of lava” track, the putting green of the golf course, the animal enclosures and many other things.
A questionaire is given at the start of the walk to each of the teams and is given to the receptionist at the end, after which we will announce the winner and reward the winning team with a small prize.

Practical clothing is recommended.

A different sort of entertainment for the entire family, groupr of friends or colleagues.

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