Borbjerg Mølle Inn is a true pearl situated in calm and idyllic surroundings, where its uniqe location creates rich opportunities for relaxation and calming your soul. The nature surrounding the inn includes the Miller’s lake on whose banks the inn is locate, and several wooded areas and meadows.

This creates amazing opportunities to participate in untraditional out doors activities, giving you an unforgettable experience visiting Borbjerg Mølle Inn.
In addition to these activities, what must also be mentioned is the Jutlandic Africa. Here you can enjoy nature by spending the night in hammocks or african savannah tents. Read more about this in the “Africa” Tab.

The inn with the untraditional activities...

Borbjerg Mølle Kro - Borbjerg Møllevej 3, 7500 Holstebro - Telefon: +45 97 46 10 10 - E-mail: