Why are there so many Elephants

3This question is asked many times during the course of a day. You don’t have to be staying at the Inn for very long before you notice that there are elephants of all shapes and sizes to be found both inside and outside the buildings. Our guests first get acquainted with the elephants when they receive their room key. The key ring is a solid bass elephant.

The elephant collection gradually counts 2300 elephants, which help to create a positive and friendly atmosphere around the Inn. The collection was started about 27 years ago by Esther Jensen, most of the elephants are bought on her travel to various parts of the world. Since February 1997 Esther has visited southern part of Africa 25 times. She has visited most of the South African countries, and every time Swaziland, there are located between Mozambique and South Africa. Here she has many friends big and small who are involved with the SOS – children’s village project. She herself sponsors 3 children. Esther has a close contact with them, through letters, but of course also with her 22 visits. In 2003 and 2014 she celebrated Christmas in SOS children’s village project in Swaziland, where Christmas present and Christmas tree were brought with from Denmark. Everybody around Esther learned about Danish Christmas traditions.

High up in the Indian Himalaya is Mussoorie, there Esther sponsor a 18 year old Tibetan girl, and has visited her and SOS children’s village 8 times.

Every times Esther makes her visit she also looks at elephants during her safari trip. She also visits the local market, where they often stands and carves figurines, and sell them on the spot, when she purchase some of the big and heavy figurines​she has them shipped home by container, but a lot of the them she brought home by herself. The Inn’s collection of Elephants figures are often supplemented by new figures, since many of the guests also bring figurines to keep. There is always a shelf or a cabinet or a place at the Inn where the figurines can decorate, there are always something new and exciting to be experienced ay the old Mill Inn.

Come and see the elephantic collection.

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