Star Inns and Hotels in Denmark******

Behind the classification “ Danish Hotel standards “ stands the trade Danish Restaurants and cafes, DRC, it was established in 1939 and today manage a variety of overnight accommodation and the service trade interest. They came out with the folder in 2011 with the term “ Star Inn’s and Hotels in Denmark, where You can receive 6 stars – Borbjerg Mill Inn is one there has achieved it.

To be part of this classification system, the DRC have looked on the facility and outside areas, good placement compared to attractions, nature and a special good view. Instead of achieving stars for things like mini bar an iron at the rooms. It is completely other things the DRC look at. To be a part of this there has to be a bath, toilet and TV in all rooms, and the Hotel has to have a restaurant.

Borbjerg Mill Inn are as mentioned, one of the few in Denmark which have achieved 6 stars other than good food, peace and quietness, the Inn offer nature fitness, outdoor bathtub, sauna, possibilities for jogging and hiking, facilities for handicaps, conference facilities, golf course, fishing lake and a playground. Something really special are “ The Jutlandic Africa “ which the Inn through the years have become famous for. When choosing a hotel or Inn, when planning a vacation, party or conference, international tests shows an increase in a clear and simple description of the facilities and services overnight accommodation offers. With inspiration from ex. US and international travel agencies presentation materials has a row of Danish Hotels in Denmark developed a star classification, Danish Hotel standard , which clear and simple describes the facilities and services the guests are offered. It is the most naturally, that every guest expectations compared to the presentations materials are fulfilled through their stay.

Borbjerg Mølle Kro - Borbjerg Møllevej 3, 7500 Holstebro - Telefon: +45 97 46 10 10 - E-mail: