The Inn’s former owner through  31 years, Esther Jensen could normally be met at the Inn, if she is not out in the big world to visit SOS children’s village project or out driving on her Harley Davidson motor cycle.

On 1. May 2018 she sold the inn.

With visits in more than 90 countries has she given the Inn a different and exotic look. Once the Inn was known for the old watermill, and today it’s “ the Jutlandic Africa “ there are talked about.

Esther has lost her heart to Africa and has made trips to Swaziland in the Southern Africa at least once a year since she in 1997 visited Swaziland and SOS children’s in Mbabane for the first time. At that time there was just dropped off a foundling in the children’s village. This little girl became Esther´s first sponsor child and already the year after she sponsored yet 2 more children from the same children’s village. Likewise she visits her sponsor child every year in the Indian Himalaya. Esther is committee member in SOS children village in Denmark and active in the SOS – local group midt /vest and arrange many speeches about her work in this organization.

Through the last 21 year she has made 97 visits in 55 different children villages in 33 countries. ​

Many of her trips are done on motorcycle. When Esther’s husband died in 2005 she decided to do something in her life she had never done before. In an age of 55 year she took her license to motorcycl e, and has through the past 13 year driven motorcycle in 52 countries on 6 continents. Many of the visits to the children villages are done with a motorcycle trip. This was done in Swaziland, Nicaragua, Chile, Ladakh and Uganda . The trips are likely combined with nature experience as well as visits to national parks. First trip on motorcycle out of country was in 2007, when she took her own mc with on a trip to Cuba. In 2008 she crossed over South America on a BMW 650, from Santiago in Chili, over Andes Mountains and through Argentina to Buenos Aires.

Last fall she drove over the Himalayan mountain range on a royal Enfield and passed Khardung​la pass, with its 5600 meter, it is the world highest motorized pass. Some years ago  she was part of a dirt-road tour around in Cambodia on a Honda off-roader, and a trip in Uganda on a corpse of a Yamaha. Naturally she has already made the Harley trip on Route 66 in Arizona in the US.

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