About Borbjerg Mill Inn

​Welcom to "a trip into a fairytale of history, taste - and nature adventures"

Borbjerg mills history goes more than 600 year back, and there has been ​business on site for as long. That makes Borbjerg Mill to one of Denmarks oldest occupation. The old watermill is still running, and leading the water from the mill lake through Hellegaard creek out into the Limfjord ( inlet ), as it always has done.

Borbjerg Mill Inn contains almost everything a​heart can desire, and really has a lot to offer families with children, companies, outings and has the perfect romantic settings for ex. Wedding couples. The antic, historical and atmospheric style are preserved in all the Inn rooms and living rooms as well as the individual guest rooms, which are located in the old guest stable.

From all the rooms, living rooms and decks are a really beautiful view over lake, creek, meadow or forest. The nature lovers unique position. In the kitchen the chef are preparing delicious menus, everything from special wishes for the particular palate to both untraditional to the traditional. The restaurant are open all days all year around except the week between Christmas and New Year.

The old Mill traditions existing of kindness and entertainment with good food and drinks are still in place at the Borbjerg Mill Inn.

A visit at the Inn is like stepping out of everyday stress and rush…

Borbjerg Mølle Kro - Borbjerg Møllevej 3, 7500 Holstebro - Telefon: +45 97 46 10 10 - E-mail: info@borbjergmill.dk